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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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If you browse the Web very much, you will find many sites that you might want to go back to someday. Remembering the web addresses is entirely too hard for the normal brain! Your web browser can keep a list for you that will keep the strain off your brain. Most browsers record these bookmarks with an HTML file, but not Internet Explorer. 

You have the choice of viewing your Favorites as cascading menus from the IE menu or as a hierarchy of folders in the Favorites pane. You will no doubt find that you prefer one method over the other.


Warning When using a shared computer, keep in mind that other users may change your bookmarks. Copy your bookmarks.htm file or your Favorites folder to a floppy disk as a backup.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Using Favorites

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What you will learn:

to open the Favorites pane
to add a shortcut to Favorites with 4 methods

Start with: IE open to World Travel Inc.

View Favorites

  1. Favorties panePane: Click on Favorites button the Favorites button on the toolbar.

    A new pane appears on the left of the display area. Your computer may have already folders besides the ones that come with IE.

    The advantage of this pane is that the links stay visible so you can quickly choose a different one. The disadvantage is that it reduces the space available for the page.

  2. Menu - Favorites | LinksMenu: Select the menu  Favorites . A cascading menu opens. Do not click on any of the choices.

    The menu has the advantage of displaying quickly and it does not take up screen space after you choose a link. Having to open and maneuver through the menu each time is its disadvantage.

  3. Press ESC to close the menu. Leave the Favorites pane open.

Add to Favorites: Drag and Drop to pane

  1. Dragging icon from Address BarWith the World Travel site displayed in the viewing area, drag the icon next to its address in the Address Bar down to the Favorites pane. Do not drop yet.
  2. Hover over the Links folder until it opens and then move the pointer onto the list. A heavy black line appears to show where the link will be dropped.
  3. Drop the link at the top of the list under Links. A new item appears, but not at the top of the list -  index.html . This is not a very helpful name!
  4. Rename shortcut in Favorites paneRight click on the new link and choose  Rename 
  5. Type the name  World Travel  and press ENTER
  6. World Travel shortcut in Favorites paneTest the link: First change the page by clicking on the Home button in the toolbar. Then click on your new Favorite in the left pane - World Travel. The browser should show the framed pages for the site World Travel

Tip If you have trouble clicking a shortcut in the Favorites pane, try clicking the icon instead of the name.

    Add to Favorites: Drag and drop to menu

    1. Drag page to Favorites menuWith World Travel displayed, return to the icon at the left of the address bar and drag it up to the menu Favorites and hover there. Do not drop yet.

      As the pointer moves, it will change to Icon -Cannot drop here.when over areas where you cannot drop.

    2. After the Favorites menu opens, drag down the menu. A heavy black line shows where the link can drop.
    3. Drop above the first folder.

      Drop on Favorites menuA new entry appears with that unhelpful name  index.html , and after a brief hesitation, the menu closes. You need to test this link.

    4. Click on the Home button to change pages.
    5. Open the Favorites menu and click on the new link: index.html

      The framed page for World Travel should appear in the browser. This shows that you can have more than one link to the same page but in different Favorites folders. Very convenient!

    Add to Favorites: Right click menu

    1. Right click menu: Add to FavoritesIn the left frame (not the left pane), right click on the link Tahiti.
    2. From the popup menu select  Add to Favorites...  The dialog Add Favorite opens.

    3. Dialog- Add Favorite - TahitiClick on the button Create in>>. The dialog box expands to let you choose a folder from the folder tree or use the button to make a new folder.

    4. Dialog: Create new folderClick the button New Folder… and create a new folder named  My Class .
    5. Click on OK.
    6. With the new folder My Class selected, click on OK in the Add Favorite dialog. The dialog closes.
    7. Favorites pane: new folder My Class, new link TahitiIn the Favorites pane, click on My Class to expand it. Your new shortcut is there!

    8. Using new shortcut to TahitiIn the Favorites pane, click on  Tahiti . The Tahiti page opens in the full display area rather than in a frame! This is what happens if you create a link to a document that is in a frame.

      Warning Many framed documents don't work well outside of their frames. There may be no way to get to other pages on the original site. The page by itself may not make much sense.

    Add to Favorites: Explorer

    If you know a web address or the path to a file on your computer, you can put a shortcut to it in the Favorites folder. You are not limited to just pages on the Internet. You must do this from Explorer. Add to Favorites from Internet Explorer will only make a shortcut to the page currently being shown in IE.

    1. Without closing IE, open an Explorer window to  C:\Windows\Favorites\My Class  Explorer - Favorites |  >My Class > Tahiti

    2. Menu - right click - New | ShortcutWith the contents of My Class showing in Explorer's right pane, right click in an empty area of the right pane. From the popup menu choose  New  |  Shortcut... 

      The Create Shortcut dialog opens.

    3. Type in the Command line text box the URL: . Dialog: Create shortcut(You may use the equivalent path to the resource files if you installed them on your hard drive.)
    4. Click the button Next. The dialog box changes.
    5. Type  Hurrah  in the text box Select a name for the shortcut and click the button Finish. Your shortcut is added to the Favorites folder at the bottom of the list in the right pane.

      TipDon't forget -- When you add files or folders in Explorer, they are at the bottom of the list in the right pane until you refresh the window. If the list is long, your new items will be out of sight. Don't get lost!

    6. Explorer with new shortcut HurrahPress the F5 key to refresh the display. The items will be re-sorted.

    7. Hurrah page with Favorites paneSwitch to the Internet Explorer window and look at the Favorites pane.
    8. Click on the new shortcut Hurrah.


      By the way, no other pages have a link to this one.

    What You Have Done

    You now have now created 4 shortcuts using 4 methods.

    Shortcut In folder By method
    World Travel Favorites/Links Drag and Drop from Address Bar to Favorites pane
    index.html Favorites Drag and Drop from Address Bar to Favorites menu
    Tahiti Favorites/My Class Menu or right click menu -  Add to Favorites... 
    Hurrah Favorites/My Class In Explorer window, menu  Create shortcut  (must know address)