Browser Basics:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Where were you on the Web yesterday? What sites did you visit last week?

These kinds of questions are hard to answer for most of us. Internet Explorer's History feature is designed to help you find that great site you saw 3 days ago.

When you click the History button, Internet Explorer digs into its memory of all the sites you have visited. These are sorted by site and by date, starting with Today.

IE5The History pane has more options under IE5 than in IE4.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: History

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What you will learn:

to open the History pane
to return to a page you visited earlier

  1. Click on History button the button History on the Toolbar. A pane opens on the left showing the places you have been.

    History pane- popup URL

    Only the pages you visited since the list was last cleared will show. The current page is highlighted. Can you find the page What to See and Do in Tahiti in the list?

    TipYou can drag the pane border on the right to make it wider so you can see more of the page title.

  2. Hover over each of the pages in the History pane. A popup tip shows the full title and path to the page.

    IE5 In IE5 the framed documents will show the filename instead of the page title.

  3. Right click menu in History - DeleteRight click on the page What to See and Do in Tahiti and from the popup menu select  Delete .

  4. Confirm Delete boxClick on Yes in the dialog that appears to ask you if you really want to delete this entry.

  5. Close History  buttonClose the left pane by either clicking on the X button or by toggling the History button off on the toolbar.