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Once you have several folders and shortcuts, you will want to reorganize them from time to time. A single list gets too long to manage very quickly.

Using  Favorites  |  Organize Favorites...  you can create, move, and delete folders and shortcuts. You can also make these changes from Explorer or My Computer. After all, Organize Favorites is actually a specialized My Computer window. The shortcuts are stored in C:\Windows\Favorites.

You can drag or delete shortcuts directly in the left pane in Internet Explorer or on the Favorites menu, but you cannot create a folder directly on the menu.

Some special folders are created inside Favorites when IE is installed. Of special interest is the folder Links, which contains the links that are shown on the Links bar. You can personalize this bar simply by adding links to the sites you visit the most.

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Step-by-Step: Organizing Favorites

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What you will learn:

to organize your Favorites into folders

Start with: IE open to World Travel Inc.

Move shortcut

  1. Select from the menu  Favorites  |  Organize Favorites... 

    Dialog- Organize FavoritesA dialog opens from which you can manage the folders and shortcuts.

    Dialog - Organize Favorites in IE5IE5 In IE5 the dialog has been redesigned.

  2. World Travel shortcut selectedClick on index.html once to select it and, after a pause, click it again to edit it. Retype the name as  World Travel  and then click in a blank area to accept the change.

    Dragging World travel shortcut to folder My ClassTipYou can have shortcuts with the same name if they are in different folders. (Remember - you already have a World Travel shortcut in the Links folder from the previous exercise.)

  3. Drag and drop the entry  World Travel  to the new folder My Class.
  4. Click on the Close button to close the Organize Favorites dialog.
  5. Favorites pane with World Travel shortcutIn the Favorites pane open, if necessary, the folder My Class to see the shortcut World Travel along with the shortcuts to Tahiti and Hurrah.

    The order of the shortcuts in the Favorites pane and in the menu may not be the same, especially right after you create a shortcut. You can refresh the pane by pressing the F5 key.

Delete a shortcut

  1. Display Favorites in the left pane, if necessary.O
  2. Open the folder Links. The shortcut you created earlier to World Travel is there.
  3. Right click on the shortcut to World Travel.
  4. From the popup menu select  Delete .

    The shortcut is removed.

Warning On a shared computer, do not remove folders or shortcuts unless you put them there yourself!

Tip You can make a backup of your Favorites by copying the folders and shortcuts to another folder or to a floppy disk. You can select and copy several folders (or all of them) at a time in an Explorer or My Computer window. Then open an Explorer or My Computer window to your destination (folder or floppy drive) and paste.