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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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A framed web page is actually a combination of several HTML documents. Saving such a page yourself is more complicated than saving an unframed page.

A frameset document sets the sizes and characteristics of the frames. Each frame contains its own HTML document. To see a framed page just like it appeared on the Internet, you need:

  • the frameset page
  • an HTML page for each frame
  • all images and other attached files for each framed document
  • the correct folder structure

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Framed documentExample:
The frameset page for our World Travel Inc. opening page defines (Frame 1) a title frame at the top, (Frame 2) a left navigation frame, and (Frame 3) a main document frame on the right.

To save this framed page you must save the frameset page and the three framed documents, plus the four images in the main document and the background image. That's 8 different things to save for this one page.

If you want to have the other documents that can show up in the right frame, like the Tahiti page and the Prices and Packages page, you have to save each of them ... and their graphics!

IE5Icon: IE6 IE5/6 makes it much easier to save a single framed page. Saving with the file type Web page, complete or Web Archive, single file automatically saves the required files and images with just one click! Unfortunately this only saves the one combination of framed documents. Suppose you also want the other pages on the World Travel site and you want them to display in the frames as they did on the web site. You have to save manually. What a lot of work!

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Step-by-Step: Save Framed

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What you will learn:

to save a frameset page
to find the correct path for framed documents
to save a framed document
to save images for framed documents

Start with: Icon-connected IE with World Travel Inc site Class disk

Save Frameset

  1. Open the World Travel Inc. home page from your resource files or from the Internet 
    The page contains 3 frames - top, left, and right.Framed document

  2. Class diskSelect   File  |  Save As...  from the browser menu. The Save Web Page dialog appears.

  3. Save in drop listUse the Save In drop list to show the web folder on your Class disk.

  4. World Travel Folder createdCreate a new folder: In the Save Web Page dialog, click New Folder button the New Folder button. A new folder appears in your web folder. Name the new folder  worldtravel 
  5. In the Save Web Page dialog, change the file name from the suggested  World Travel Inc Home page  (which is the Title of the page) to   index.html 
  6. IE4 Choose file type:  HTML document. 
     Icon: IE6  Choose file type: Web Page, HTML only 
  7. Click on the Save button. The frameset page is now saved to your floppy disk.
  8. World Travel page - frameset onlyView saved page: Type in the Address Bar the address of your saved file
     a:\my docs\web\worldtravel\index.html  and press ENTER. The page loads, sort of!
    What happened? You only saved the frameset page. The frames are in place, but the source code cannot find the documents that go in the frames because you did not save them. 
  9. Click the Back button to return to the original World Travel Inc. home page.

Finding paths for documents

Since the menu command  File  |  Save As...  saves the frameset document, you cannot use it to save the individual frames. You can use Notepad to get around this problem. But, first, you must find out the paths to the pages that the frameset will be looking for.

Start with: IE with World Travel Inc site the original World Travel Inc. home page

  1. Source code for World Travel Inc. framesetFrom the browser menu select  View  |  Source . Notepad opens and shows the source code for the frameset page.

    Nothing in this code displays on the screen. It just sets the frame sizes and characteristics and the source for what is displayed in each frame.
  2. Read through the code to find the path to the source files for each frame. These are highlighted in the illustration. It looks like they are all in the same folder as the frameset page. Easy!
  3. Write down these names to use later when you save the documents for each frame. (If there are more frames that this, it can be hard to tell from the code which source goes with which frame in the browser! It helps when the author picked helpful names for the frames. )
  4. Close Notepad.

Save framed documents:

Start with: IE with World Travel Inc site the original World Travel Inc. home page

  1. Right click in the title frame and from the popup menu choose  View Source  Notepad opens again and shows the source code for the title frame.
  2. Class diskFrom the Notepad menu select   File  |  Save As...   and save the document to your worldtravel folder with the name  worldtraveltitle.htm  , matching what the frameset code said.
  3. Repeat for the left and right frames, using the names  worldtravelnav.htm  and  worldtravelmain.htm 
  4. World Travel with saved framesClick the Forward button to return to the saved page on your Class disk. You now have documents.
    It's getting better, but you are still missing some parts - the images and background.
  5. Click the Back button to return to the original World Travel Inc. home page.

Save Images

Start with: IE with World Travel Inc site the original World Travel Inc. home page

  1. Menu- Save Background As...Right click on the background of the right frame. From the popup menu select  Save Background As...  
  2. Class disk Save the file to your Class disk in the worldtravel folder with the suggested name -  paper.jpg 
  3. World Travel with background savedClick the Forward button to look at what you saved. The background is now in place for all the frames! It's nice that they all used the same background!
  4. Click the Back button to return to the original World Travel Inc. home page.
  5. Right click on the image of the palm tree.
  6. From the popup menu select  Save Picture As... 
  7. Class disk Save the picture to your Class disk in the worldtravel folder, using the suggested name  island.gif .
  8. World Travel Inc. - all savedRepeat for the other three images, using the suggested name and saving to the worldtravel folder.
  9. Use the Forward button to return to your saved version of the World Travel Inc. page. TaDa! All parts show up!!