Browser Basics:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Some web pages are so full of good information that you want to be able to get to them all the time, not just when you are online.

One method of capturing such a page is to make a Favorites shortcut to the page. In the dialog that appears you can choose to subscribe to the page, or, in IE5+, to make available for offline viewing.

What happens:
IE will download the entire page including graphics and other files needed to display the page just like you saw it on the Web. A shortcut in Favorites opens the saved files if you are not online.

What's good:
When you are not connected to the Internet, you can still view the page you subscribed to by clicking on your new shortcut in Favorites. The browser will just open the saved version of the page if it cannot get to the page online. Simple.

What's bad:
The only way you can access the saved page is from Favorites or by typing the page's URL into the Address box. That's not a big problem unless you want to edit the page or use part of it in another document.

Subscribing is best for pages that change often or when the page has a lot of graphics that you want to keep.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Save by Subscribing

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What you will learn:

to create a subscription
to test and update a subscription
to unsubscribe

Start with: Icon- connected IE open

You will practice subscribing and unsubscribing to a web page. Since you will not be leaving the subscription in place, it does not matter which page you select. However, you must be online in order to subscribe to a page.

Create a subscription

  1. Scroll down the page My Home Page and click on one of the links to a web site.
  2. After the page loads, right click on the page (but not on a hyperlink or an image) and from the popup menu select  Add to Favorites . The dialog Add Favorite opens.
  3. Dialog- Add FavoriteIE4 Choose the third option: Yes, notify me of updates and download the page for offline viewing

    Dialog - Add Favorite - IE5IE5Icono: IE6 The dialog is somewhat different in IE5 and later versions. Check the box Make available offline


  4. Dialog - Subscription WizardClick on the Customize... button. The Subscription Wizard opens to help set the options for your subscription. You will now work through the steps in the wizard, making choices that seem suitable for this site and the way you work.
  5. Select the default Download this page and click the Next button.

    It is rather risky to download all the pages that are linked unless you have looked very carefully at what they are.
  6. Dialog- Subscription WizardSelect No for email notification about changes in the page.

  7. Dialog-Subscription WizardSelect Scheduled and Daily for how often to update.

    Choosing Manually would leave control in your hands, but means you must remember to update.

  8. Click the Edit… button. The dialog Customize Schedule opens.

    Dialog- Subscription Wizard

  9. Leave the settings at the default values, but carefully look at each setting to see what you could do.
  10. Click on OK to close the dialog Customize Schedule.

  11. Click on the Next button.

    Dialog- Subscription Wizard

  12. Select No, which is the default, for whether the page requires a password to view it.
  13. Click on Finish to close the Subscription Wizard. You are back to the Add Favorite dialog. 

  14. Dialogn-SynchronizingWatch the progress bar as the IE downloads all the files it needs for this page. The dialog closes itself and takes you back to the Add Favorites dialog.

    By default, the new shortcut will go in the main Favorites folder.

    If you wish, you can use the Create in... button to put the shortcut in a different folder, or to create a new folder.

    You can change the name of the shortcut by editing what is in the Name box.

  15. Click on OK. You are now subscribed to the site and your new shortcut is in place.

Test the subscription

  1. Menu- File | WorkOffline-notcheckedOn the menu, select  File  |  Work Offline . You are now working offline.

    On the status bar you will see the symbol Icon- Offline . IE won't look at the Internet even if the computer is still connected.

    Icon: IE5.5Icon: IE6Problem: Work Offline not on File menu
    The command is not on the menu in IE5.5 and IE6 when your Home page is a file on your own computer or if you navigated to a web site from an Explorer window.
    Open a new IE window with the key combo CTRL + N. A complete explanation is at:;en-us;Q257693


  2. Menu- Favorites | AltavistaOn the Favorites menu or on the Favorites pane, click on the new shortcut you just created when you subscribed to the site. The site will load even though you are not online, as shown by the Icon- Offline icon on the status bar.

    Dialog- web page unavailable while offlineTip  If you get a dialog that says the URL is not available offline, then the page did not finish downloading when you subscribed. Try again.

Update the subscribed page

Since web pages change over time, you will want to update your subscribed pages, even those that do not change regularly.

If the pages you saved are important to you just as they are, look at the site yourself before updating. You might not want to overwrite your saved pages if the site has changed a lot. Newer is not always better!

Update manually instead of using the automatic scheduling if you need to  avoid overwriting such pages accidentally.

IE4 In IE:

  1. Menu - File | Work OfficeSelect  File  |  Work Offline  again to remove the check mark. The status bar symbol disappears. You are connected again.

  2. Menu - Favorites | Manage SubscriptionsTo update your subscription, choose  Favorites  |   Manage Subscriptions...  An Explorer window opens that lists all the sites to which you have subscribed.


  3. If there are several sites listed, select the one to update and click the button Update on the toolbar.

    Subscriptions - AltaVista

    TipTo update all of your subscriptions at once, click the button Update all or from the menu choose  Favorites  |  Update All Subscriptions . If there are several subscriptions, it can take a while to update all of them.

IE5Icono: IE6  In IE5/6: 

  1. Menu  IE5- Tools | SynchronizeUse the menu  Tools  |  Synchronize...  to open the Items to Synchronize dialog. 

  2. Dialog- Items to Synchronize Select the page to update.

  3. Click the Synchronize button.

    TipTo update all pages at once, select Offline Web Pages and then click the Synchronize button.


IE4 In IE:

  1. From the menu select  Favorites  |  Manage Subscriptions... 
  2. In the Subscriptions window, select the site you just subscribed to from the list.
  3. Click the Delete button on the toolbar.
  4. Confirm deletion of subscriptionSelect OK in the confirmation dialog.

    Your subscription is canceled and the page will not be available for offline viewing.

 Icono: IE6  In IE5/6:

  1. From the menu select  Tools  |  Synchronize... 
  2. In the Items to Synchoronize dialog, select the site you just subscribed to from the list.
  3. Properties of Alta Vista web documentClick the Properties button.
  4. Uncheck the box Make available offline .
  5. Select OK to close the Properties dialog.
  6. Click on Close to close the Items to Synchronize dialog.