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FrontPage (FP) is Microsoft's primary editor for web pages.  It has many features that make writing HTML pages easier and help you manage your site.

What is a Web?

AIcon: web folder web is set of web pages and images plus the hidden files and folders that FrontPage uses for its advanced features. FrontPage works best when you turn your files and folders into a web.

FrontPage has many helpful features that do not require that your site be a web. Its power, however, comes with advanced features that do require a web.

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Features that require a web

  • Reports, like Verify hyperlinks and Unlinked files
  • Automatic update of all references when files are renamed or moved with FrontPage
  • Advanced features like hit counters and search pages
  • Themes = pre-designed set of color schemes and design elements
  • Shared borders = pages have the same content across the top or down the left, or both
  • Include a page in another page
  • Links bars that automatically update when you add new pages to the navigation structure

Disadvantage of a FrontPage Web

  • Larger site size due to extra files and folders
  • Web server must have the right version of FrontPage extensions for advanced features to work
  • Larger file size for pages with advanced features
  • Uploading with another program may break the web
  • Editing with another program may break the web
  • If the FrontPage extensions must be reinstalled, some features must be re-created or re-initialized, like shared borders and forms

Publishing a web

FrontPage publishes the web to a web server by copying all the files from your local web to the web server.  Publishing guarantees that your folder structure will be unchanged. If you just save pages individually, you will have to be very careful or the server copy of your site will not be exactly like your working copy.

To publish, you will need to know:

  • the address for your assigned web space - either a URL or an FTP address
  • username
  • password
  • protocol - HTTP is required for creating a web on the server. FrontPage can use FTP if the server does not have FrontPage extensions installed.