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With FrontPage you can create HTML documents without ever writing a tag yourself. At least that is the plan!

It has the same look and feel as other Microsoft Office programs. Some of the buttons and commands don't really work quite the same as in Word and Excel, however, as you will see.

Below is a discussion of the FrontPage interface, using illustrations from FrontPage 2002. FrontPage 2000 is quite similar, but versions before FP2000 have a very different interface.

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Interface: FrontPage

FrontPage has more than a dozen toolbars and several view panes. Not all are shown by default. There are a number of display and behavior options for FrontPage. If your copy does not behave as described in the lesson directions, your settings may not be at the defaults.

Mouse: Left Click Click on each of the labels in the illustration of FrontPage 2002 below to open a popup window showing its features. Or navigate through the list of explanations in sequence.


Mouse: Left Click View all the descriptions on one page in a new window.

  Titlebar Menu bar Standard bar Formatting Bar Views Bar Folder List Statusbar Document Normal view HTML view Preview Front Page window with parts labeled

Views: Normal view HTML view Preview Tabs At the bottom of the document window are buttons that let you change the view of the document between Normal view, HTML view, and Preview.
Mouse: Left ClickTry it on the image above!

New for 2002At the top of the document pane in FrontPage 2002, there is a tab for each open document.

There are quite a number of other toolbars, which appear as needed. The ones currently visible have a checkmark. This list appears when you right click on a blank area of a toolbar and also on the menu View | Toolbars.

WYSIWYG: FrontPage

WYSIWYG in FrontPage

Normal view in FrontPage

The Normal view in FrontPage is much closer to WYSIWYG than what FrontPage Express shows. Dotted lines show the boundaries of table cells.

The FrontPage Normal view is still not exactly the same as Internet Explorer's display. It is very close. You can easily switch to Preview to see an even more accurate display.

Next we will check out the interface parts more thoroughly to see what surprises they are hiding.