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Toolbar: Views barThe Views Bar runs vertically at the left of the FrontPage window. It has buttons that control what is shown in the main document pane on the right.

You will spend most of your time in the Page view.

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Views from the Views Bar

View: PagePage View

In Page View you can edit an HTML page. The tabs at the bottom of the document pane allow you to switch between Normal view, HTML view, and Preview.

View: FolderFolder View

The Folder view uses the right hand pane to show the contents of the folder that is selected in the Folder List. This looks similar to an Explorer window but it contains some different columns-

Title = what's in the TITLE tag
Size = file size
Type = file extension
Modified date
Modified by = Author as published
Comments = contents of Comments field from Properties dialog, Summary tab. Useful for notes to yourself about this file.

Reports View

View: ReportsMuch of the power of FrontPage to help manage your web site is in the reports.

FrontPage keeps track of all the pages and images in the web. The larger your web is, the more helpful these features are.

Some of the most useful reports are:

Unlinked files - which pages and images are not linked to anything. You don't want to upload unnecessary files.

WarningUsing scripts: If you are using scripts to load pages or to replace images, FrontPage will think that those images or pages are not linked to anything. Don't delete unlinked objects unless you know for sure that they are not being called by a script.

Slow pages - which pages will likely take too much time to load. Viewers may not have the patience to wait!

Broken hyperlinks - which of your links to pages or images are brokenView: Reports - list of reports. FrontPage can check links to other web sites also.

WarningLinks to some external web sites will show here as broken even though they are not. It has to do with the way FrontPage verifies the link and the security setup of some sites. Before deleting a "broken" link, test it by putting the address in the browser's address bar yourself.


Navigation View

View: NavigationThis special view allows you to create a diagram of how your pages are related to each other logically. Using this hierarchy tree, FrontPage can create navigation bars for you that will automatically update if you change the hierarchy.

You create the navigation bars with the web component Linked Bars or when you use a FrontPage theme in your page design.

A theme is a collection of design features that are offered by FrontPage to give you a quick start with web site design. A theme includes shared borders at the top and/or side of every page. As the name suggests, shared borders are intended for material that you want to see on all the pages - for example, your company logo and links to the main sections of your site.

Hyperlinks View

View: Hyperlinks - imageSometimes you need to see what pages are using a particular image or what pages link to a certain page. The Hyperlinks view shows this.

The first illustration shows that three HTML pages are using the gif image that is selected in the Folder List.

This is good to know if you want to change the image. You can check to be sure there are no unfortunate effects on the other pages.

View: Hyperlink - html pageThe second illustration shows the links into and out of the selected HTML page. You can see that there are many links to the page, but the page has links to only 6 other files. The links include images as well as hyperlinks to pages or other files.

Tasks View

View: Tasks

Are you fond of To Do lists? Do you have trouble finding your list?? The Task view is just the thing for keeping track of what you intend to do with your web pages.

Add entries to your Tasks list from the menu Edit | Tasks.