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Image link

Images may also be links also. They can have a border that uses the same colors as the text links. This has become less common since the image usually looks better without the border.
Home Home small torch Blue Ball- used as bullet
My Home
link without border
My Home
link with border

ÜMove your mouse over each of the images. The pointer will change to Hand shaped pointer when it is over a link. The status bar of your browser will show either the path or URL of the file that this link calls, or else a message from the author. If the browser window is small, the path may be too long for you to see all of it. You may see a popup tip when you hover over an image, too.

 ÜWhat happens when you move the mouse over the torch above or the gray up arrow at the right below? The image is replaced with a similar one to create an interesting effect. Is this cool or what!

Ü Try clicking each of the circles. You will be moved back to the page My Home Page. Use the Back button in the toolbar to return to this page.

Ü What happens if you click the torch? the blue ball?

ÜThere is an image link at the top of this page that will take you back to My Home Page. Can you find it?

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