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Navigate pages

Several methods are commonly used to move you to a new page or to a new spot on the same page. Try each method below.

  • Button:   Click on an arrow, a text graphic, a button, or another image, like those below:
    arrow blue gif Text graphic Text on a button
    A special kind of link, which can be either text or an image, opens your email program so you can write a message. This does not work for all email programs. Logo for email

    Click on the mailbox and your default email program should open with the address and subject already filled in.
    Close the message window and do not actually send this message. Sr. Perez is not a real person. More on email later.

  • Imagemap Hotspot: An image can be mapped to react differently depending on where you click on it . Such images are often used for navigating a web site since a graphics program can use any font and can create effects that a browser cannot do directly.

    Move your mouse over the map of North America and then over the navigation list. Watch the status bar. There are two different hotspots on the map - one for USA and inside that there is tiny one for the state of Tennessee.

    Click on the USA part and you will see an outline of the hotspot. Click on the tiny Tennessee hotspot and you are moved. Click on one of the navigation links and you are moved.

    map of North America: Look for USA and Tennessee ion the status bar List of links in a site

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