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  Help: WinXP: Tour

Tours and tutorials with animation and movies included are becoming quite common for programs and operating systems. Microsoft has included a multimedia tour of Windows XP in the default installation on your hard disk. The tour tells you what's new and what's great about WinXP - as Microsoft sees it.

If you have a sound card and speakers, you can listen to the presentation while you view. Otherwise you will need to use the non-animated version.

Welcome to the Windows XP Tour! Choose format

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Step-by-Step:  Tour -WinXP

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What you will learn: to use a multimedia tour
review basic skills and information 

Windows Vista Icon: Windows 7 Icon: Win8 Icon: Win8.1 To work with Help in Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, or Win8.1, skip to Windows Vista, Win7, Win8 Help.

Start with: Icon: WinXP Help Help and Support Center is open.

  1. Link: What's New in Windows XPOn the home page of the Help and Support Center, Left click click on the link What's new in Windows XP.
  2. Link: Taking a tour or tutorialIn the table of contents, Left click click on Icon: Help - no subtopics (WinXP) Taking a tour or tutorial.
    In the right pane another set of links appears.
  3. Link: Take the Windows XP tourLeft click Click on Take the Windows XP tour Icon: open in new window - Help (WinXP). A new window opens.
  4. Welcome to the Windows XP Tour! Choose formatChoose the format that will work on your computer and Left click click on Next.
    (The animated tour won't be any good unless you have a sound card and speakers. )

    Non-animated tour:

    • Don't forget to scroll down to see what is at the bottom of the window. There is text there!
    • If you see Toolbar: Image (WinXP) the Image toolbar floating around somewhere, it just means that your mouse pointer is on top of an image. The tour is running in a special Internet Explorer window. Move the pointer and the bar will vanish.
  5. Select Windows XP Basics and view all its parts.
    You will review some topics we have already covered and you will be introduced to some topics that are covered in the next project, Files and Folders.
  6. Button: Exit tour (WinXP)When you are done with the multi-media tour, click the Exit button at the bottom right.
    When you are done with the plain text tour, close the Internet Explorer window by clicking Button: Close its Close button on the Title bar.