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Jan's Working with Windows:

    The Window

A window is a rectangular area on the desktop which usually contains a number of standard parts. But it does not have to have any of the standard parts. The illustration below shows several windows: a Help window, a Solitaire window, an Explorer window, a Word window, and a dialog window, often called a dialog box (regardless of its shape or size!). The only part that they all have is the Title bar!

Examples of windows

Examples of types of windows: Win7

Parts of a Window

The illustration below labels the important parts that appear in most application windows. 

Wow! We keep finding skills that you probably already have if you are reading this page! Well, it is still important that we all agree on the names for things. So keep going, please!

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Placeholder for diagram of parts of a window - labeled

Titlebar Menubar Toolbar Document area Statusbar Scroll bars Document Scrollbars

Icon: Mouse click Click on a label or area of the illustration above and see an explanation below.

(Google Chrome is sometimes showing an outline of the hotspot that you clicked on down inside the revealed text. No clue as to why!)

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