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Jan's Working with Windows:


In keeping with Windows' fondness for multiple ways of doing things, you can change how your computer shows you what is on your computer's disks. Each version of Windows has its own special features and "look".

Choices for Views

  • Show the folder tree? Show Favorites?

  • Show details about each object?

  • What size for the icons?

  • Sort on which property?

  • Group?

Different Versions, Different Looks

Icon: WinXP WinXP: An old-style menu and toolbar run across the top of the My Computer window. The Folders button on the toolbar toggles the left pane between Common Tasks and the folder tree.

Default My Computer window in WinXP - labeled default Explorer window in WinXP

Icon: Windows Vista Icon: Win7 Vista, Win7: A new toolbar has different buttons depending on what is in the Contents pane. But it always includes the buttons Organize Button: Organize (Vista) and Views Button: Views (Vista).

Icon: Win8 Icon: Win8.1 Win8, Win8.1: Uses a ribbon with tabs to hold all of the commands. The Home tab contains the commands for managing files and folders. The View tab has the buttons for what will show in the window and in what order. The Details pane is off by default. It shows on the right.

Default Computer window in Windows Vista - labeled File Explorer in default view- labeled (Win8)