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Jan's Working with Windows 10:

   Windows Basics: Exercise Win 1-2

Continue practicing and learning new skills with this exercise using the Windows Calculator.

You will use right clicking, the keyboard, and application Help in this exercise about the Windows Calculator.

Calculator (Win10)

Exercise Win1-2: Calculator

What you will do: Search for a program to open it.
Use Search to find Help for an application.

Start with: Monitor with desktop Desktop with Taskbar showing

  1. in the Search box on the Taskbar, start typing calculator.
    How many letters do you have to type to see the app Calculator in the results above the Taskbar box?
  2. Calculator (Win10)

    Click on Calculator - Trusted Windows Store app.
    The app opens to the calculator style that was open last. The default style is Standard.

  3. Calculator Menu includes several types of calculators (Win10)Click the menu button Button: Menu - Calculator  (Win10) at the top left of the calculator
    A menu opens with several calculator styles.
  4. Icon: Experiment Experiment: Calculator Menu
    1. Try out each of the calculator styles.
      The menu will close as soon as you choose a style.
    2. Do some calculations.
    3. When you are ready to continue, choose Standard.
  5. Do the following arithmetic problems - first without using the keyboard to enter the numbers. Click or tap on the calculator buttons.
    (Note: Each operation is done as you type. This does not follow the rules of operations for algebra!)
    • 45 + 90 x 3 ÷ 5 = ? 
    • 17 - 63 + 720 - 430 ÷ 2 = ? 
    • square root of 6724= ? 
      (Type in the number then click on the Calculator: Square root key  (Win10) square root key)

      Show answers

  6. Repeat the calculations using the keys on the number/symbols row.

    Whoops! There is no square root key on your keyboard. Let's search for help about Calculator to find a keyboard shortcut for this command.

  7. Search for calculator keyboard shortcutsIn the Search box on the Taskbar, start typing calculator keyboard shortcut.

    Your results may be different from the illustration.

  8. In the results, click on the result 'calculator keyboard shortcut - See web results'.
    Your Edge browser opens to Bing results for these keywords.

  9. Open a MIcrosoft page that might show us the keyboard shortcuts for Calculator.

    If there is not one from Microsoft, use another result. There are several pages that should still be around to help you out.
  10. Use 'Find on this page' (ALT + F) to look for square root.
    Before you finish typing your keywords in the Find box, the page should scroll and highlight the text that you need. Be sure that the result is for the Calculator app and not something else.

    Whew! Finally you'll see what key does the same thing as the Calculator: Square root key  (Win10) key on the calculator.

    Don't close the browser window.

  11. Calculate the last problem, square root, using your new shortcut.
  12. Repeat the problems with only the keypad keys on the right on your keyboard, if you have them. Laptop keyboards do not usually have a numeric keypad.
    (Be sure that NumLock is on. There should be a light on your keyboard that turns on and off as you press the NumLock key on the keypad.)

    You will need to use the same shortcut again for square root.

    Icon: QuestionWhich way is easiest for you? Pointing device, numbers row, keypad?

Don't close Calculator yet if you are going to continue with the exercises. You are building up a set of open windows for later.