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Jan's Working with Words

    Word Basics: Exercise Word 1-2

Finished document - Soccer LetterThe City Soccer Team is having a sign-up event at City Hall. You will create an announcement flyer for this event. This exercise will use most of the techniques that you used in creating the flyer for World Travel Inc. in Word Project 1.

Line numbers are for the current lines. As you make changes, the wrapping changes what line the text falls on.

TipUse the Status bar to see what line you are on.

These exercises use files from the word resource files which you downloaded. The default location for these files is  c:\Jans CompLit 101\resources\words_resources  You cannot make changes to these files and save them in the same place. Save the changed documents to your Class disk. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.

In future lessons you will see the same fictional organizations and people that you meet in these exercises: The City Theater, the City Soccer Team, and Computers Today. For exercise 4 you get to suit yourself.

Exercise Word 1-2: Soccer Sign-up

What you will do: Type in text
Select font, font size, and alignment
Add shading and borders
Create bulleted list
Change default bullet
Add clipart and resize it
Create a header
Do pre-print steps

Start with:Icon: Class storage devicea blank Word document

Text to type

  1. Type in all the words and the blank line as shown above. To have a paper copy to type from, click here to open the image of the text in a new window. Print from your browser's menu.
  2. Format line 1 with Font = Impact; Size = 28,  Center, Shadow = Offset Diagonal Bottom Right
  3. Line 2: Font = Impact; Size = 20. Center
  4. Line 4: Font = Impact; Size = 22. Center, Space After = 24 pt
  5. Lines 5 - 8: Font = Calibri; Size = 18.
  6. Lines 9 -11: Font =Calibri; Size = 14
  7. Line 12 (last line of text): Font = Calibri; Size = 28, Bold, Italics; center, Space Before = 18 pt.
  8. Select lines 1 and 2 and apply shading of White, Background 1, Darker 15% applied to the paragraph.
    Apply an Outside Border with the default settings.
  9. Select line 4 and apply a shading of  White, Background 1, Darker 15%  applied to the paragraph.
    Apply an Outside Border with the default settings.
  10. Make lines 5 - 8 a bulleted list with a checkmark for the bullet shape.
    Double-space the list.
    Select the list and click the Button: Increase Indent (Word 2010) Indent button twice to indent the list two tab stops.
  11. Insert a clip art image on line 3  - Search on "soccer" and look for a player kicking a soccer ball. You can show all results. If you can't find this picture, use another soccer-related picture.
  12. Center the image.
  13. Size the image to be about as wide as the title text, but keep all the text on one page.
    Suggestion: Drag the bottom corner handles. If you drag the upper handles, the picture may move above the title lines.
  14. If necessary, change the shading color used earlier to make it coordinate with the image your selected.
  15. Create a header with your name, two spaces, the date, tab twice, type  Exercise Word 1-2 .
  16. Spell check.
  17. Check the Print Preview and make any necessary changes to keep the document as 1 page. You may need to size the image smaller.  
  18. Icon: Class storage device Save as  ex1-2-flyer-CitySoccerLeague-Lastname-Firstname.docx  on your Class storage device in the  word project1  folder.
    Icon: Class drive is full How to handle a full disk
  19. Print icon Print. Quite a change from the original that you typed!
  20. Close the document once you have checked that it printed successfully.

Examples of a finished flyer:

Soccer Sign-up FlyerSoccer Sign-up Flyer Soccer Sign-up Flyer Soccer Sign-up Flyer