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Jan's Working with Words

    Word Basics: Exercise Word 1-3

Computers Today subscription flyer - finishedComputers Today is a fictional newsletter about computers. You will create a flyer to try to increase subscriptions. You will insert a picture from a file.

These exercises use files from the word resource files. The default location for these files is c:\Jans CompLit 101\resources\words_resources You cannot make changes to these files and save them in the same place. Save the changed documents to your Class disk. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.

In future lessons you will see the same fictional organizations and people that you meet in these exercises: The City Theater, the City Soccer Team, and Computers Today. For exercise 4 you get to suit yourself.

Exercise Word 1-3: Computers Today Subscription

What you will do:

Enter text and format it
Icon: New Skill Use More Colors... to select shading
Insert an image from a file and resize it
Add a header
Prepare for print and print

Start with:Icon: Class storage devicea blank Word document

Text to type

  1. Type in the words and blank line as shown above.
  2. Format Line 1 with Font = Britannic Bold; Size = 48; Italic, Color = White. Center.
    It disappears! Don't worry. It's not really gone. You'll find it again in a few steps.
  3. Line 2 - Font = Britannic Bold; Size = 22; Font Style = Bold Italic, Color = White. Center
  4. Line 4 - Size = 18; Bold
  5. Lines 5 - 8 - Size = 16; Bold
  6. Line 9 - size = 18; Bold; Center
  7. Lines 10 - Size = 24; Bold; Center
  8. Lines 11 - 12 - Size = 12; Bold
  9. Dialog: Color - fuschia (Word 2010)Select lines 1 and 2 (yes, they are white on white right now!).
    Icon: New Skill Click on the Shading button and select More colors at the bottom. On the Standard Colors tab, select the fuschia that is on the right at the end of the row that is one row down for the widest row.
    Now the white text shows up against the dark shading!
  10. Make lines 5 - 8 a bulleted list using the Bullets button - solid circles for the bullets.
    the list twice with the Increase Indent button.
  11. Move the cursor to line 3.
  12. Insert an image: Insert >  Picture. Select computer.wmf in your words resources folder of your resources files, and click on the OK button.

    Icono: TroubleCan't find the image??
    If you are using a local copy of the lessons, the default location for the resources is: c:\JansCompLit101\resources\words_resources\computer.wmf  Of course your copy may not be at the default location.

    The online copy of the image is at: https://www.jegsworks.com/lessons/resources/words_resources/computer.wmf
    If you cannot go online right now, search the hard drive from a File Explorer window for computer.wmf 
    Your instructor may have placed a copy somewhere else. If you can't find it on the hard drive either, ask your instructor for a copy of the file. If all else fails, use some other image related to computers.

  13. Center the image.
  14. Resize the image, if necessary, to be just a little wider than the second line of text, but keep the document to one page.
  15. Create a header containing your name, 2 spaces, the date on the left, tab twice, and type  Exercise Word 1-3  on the right.
  16. Spell check. Note there are two names that may not be in the dictionary. So look at the spelling very carefully. Do not add these names to the dictionary.
  17. Check Print Preview and make any needed changes. Use the context Help button to check the formatting.
  18. Icon: Class storage deviceSave as  ex1-3-flyer-ComputersToday-Lastname-Firstname.docx  in the word project1 folder on your Class disk.
    Icon: Class drive is full How to handle a full disk
  19. Print icon Print.
    Compare the colors on your print-out to the colors on your screen. Not quite the same most of the time! Printers tend to print darker and bluer than what you see on the screen. But each model is different plus there is a difference between ink jet and color laser printers.
  20. Close the document once you have checked the printed copy.

Computers Today subscription flyer - finished