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Jan's Working with Words

    Word Basics: Exercise Word 1-4

Use the skills you have learned in Word Project 1 to create a flyer of your own. You may create a work of fiction or create something that you can actually use in real life. For example you might create an announcement for a club you are in or for a sporting event or for membership drive.

Exercise Word 1-4: On Your Own

Create an announcement flyer of your own.

  1. Your flyer must include at least the following:
    1. title
    2. one image
    3. 3 lines of bulleted or numbered text
    4. centered text
    5. at least 3 different font sizes
    6. 2 different fonts
    7. 2 font styles (bold, italics, underline)
    8. font color besides black
    9. borders and/or shading
    10. Header with your name, the date, and Exercise Word 1-4
  2. Icon: Class storage device Save to the word project1 folder with a file name of your choice, which must include your own name.
  3. Print icon Print your document.