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Jan's Working with Words


Project Objectives

  • Use an existing document as a template
  • Work with multiple pages
  • Switch between two open documents
  • Copy and paste between documents
  • Change text direction
  • Create paragraph and character styles
  • Modify paragraph style
  • Format character spacing
  • Format paragraph spacing
  • Link and unlink text boxes

So far most of the documents that you have created in these lessons, except the Trip Planner, have neatly fit on only one page. You are now ready to work with longer, more complex documents. Templates can help with some types, like tri-fold brochures, newsletters, and reports.

You will create a brochure which has two pages but which has parts that must fit in a specific space. You will use a sample brochure that has the right layout. It uses text boxes to control the placement of text so that everything fits together just right. You will learn how to work with more than one document at a time. Your head may spin until you get some practice.

Icon: Full DiskProblem: Full Disk

If you keep your saved documents on a removable disk and don't delete any as you go through the lessons, the disk may get full at some point. When you try to save your work, you'll get an error message telling you that there is not enough room. If you just switch to a new disk, one of two things will happen. One is good; one is disastrous!

Solutions to a Full Disk

Easy Solution: (Well, it's easy when it works!)

  • Close the error message. (Important!)
  • Replace the full disk with one that has more free space
  • Save the file.

    What happens next? Two possibilities:

    1. Good: The file saves happily to the new removable disk. Congratulations! Your system and software are current.
    2. Bad (possibly disastrous!): A blue error screen with white text appears. This is sometimes called the Blue Screen of Death since it means a serious problem. You will have to use the Awkward Solution instead next time. Part of the data about the document was still on the first removable disk. Switching disks caused a major system error and may lock up the computer completely. Choose to Close the message, and hope. 

Awkward Solution:  

  • Close the error message. (Important!)
  • Replace the original full disk in the drive.
  • Save the file to the hard disk somewhere. (Remember where!) 
  • Replace the full removable disk with a fresh one that has more free space.
  • Move the saved file to the removable disk.

Know your system. Test it!

WarningYour computer may lock up during the test below. You will have to reboot if it does. Better that this happen during a test instead of when you have an important document that you cannot save!

  1. Close all open programs on your computer.
  2. Open a file from a removable disk and make a minor change. Just adding a space in an unimportant spot is enough. The disk does not have to be full.
  3. While the file is still open, safely remove the removable disk and insert a new one with plenty of free space on it.
  4. Use Save As to try to save your file to the new disk.
  5. If you get the Blue Screen message, follow the directions on the screen to Close. Reboot if the computer locks up. Remember in the future to save to the hard disk if your removable runs out of room. Never, never switch removable disks while a file is open on this computer.

Before beginning to create your brochure, you first need some practice with linked text boxes.