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Jan's Working with Words

    Brochure: Quiz

For each question, click on Radio Button the radio button for your answer. You will be notified immediately whether your choice is correct or not. Double clicking may work better in some browsers.

Choose the BEST answer. 

1. The Switch Windows button with the list of documents open in Word is found on the _____.

  a. Home tab

  b. Review tab

  c. Documents tab

  d.  View tab

2. To use text from one document in a different document, you _____ the text that you want.

  a. must import

  b. must retype

  c. copy and paste

3. You have formatted some text to your liking. To create a paragraph style with this formatting you would select the text and then you _____.

  a. must modify an existing style to match your formatting.

  b. can right click on the formatted text, open Styles on the Mini-Toolbar, click on Save Selection as a New Quick Style or Create a Style, and type in a name.

  c. can click the More button for the Styles gallery on the Home ribbon tab and select Save Selection as a New Quick Style or Create a Style, and type in a name

  d. both b and c

4. A character style is different from a paragraph style in that a character style _____.

  a. applies to a whole section of a document or to the document as a whole

  b. cannot be used on text that already has a paragraph style

  c. includes font formatting like font size, font color, bold, italics, and character spacing

  d. applies only to the selected characters

5. If the characters of your text are moved further apart but are not changed in size or shape, you have _____ the character spacing.

  a. condensed

  b. lowered

  c. raised

  d. expanded

  e. contracted

  f. scaled

6. In an unlinked text box when there is more text than will fit inside the box, the extra text is _____.

  a. cropped

  b. deleted

  c. moved to another text box

  d. hidden

7. A text box is linked if you see the symbol _____.

  a. at the bottom of the text box

  b.  at the bottom of the text box

  c.  beside a command in the ribbon

  d.  beside a command in the ribbon

8. To change the amount of blank space above a Heading 2 paragraph, you would _____.

  a. set line spacing to the number of points you want

  b. select condensed in the Paragraph dialog

  c. set space before to the number of points you want

  d. be stuck because you cannot adjust this for Heading styles

9. When several documents are open in Word at the same time, you can switch between them with all of these methods except ______ .

  a. CTRL + TAB

  b. click the Switch Window button to open the list of open documents and then click on the document's name

  c. ALT + W to open the correct tab, W to open the list of documents, then type the document's number from the list.

  d. CTRL + F6

10. What can you use as a bullet in a bulleted list? 

  a. any character from any font

  b. any character from a symbolic font

  c. only a character from the Wingdings font