Working with Words: Word 97 - 2003
Project 2: Auto Tools

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Project Objectives

  • Edit a document by deleting, moving, inserting, and modifying text
  • Create columns and tabbed columns
  • AutoFormat a document with a template
  • Learn and use all types of breaks
  • Use a wizard
  • Use Word Art
  • Use a text box
  • Create a letterhead
  • Create and save a template

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In Word Basics you learned to create a basic document in a word processor. Now you need to learn how to make changes. You will certainly find it necessary to change your documents after you create them! Sometimes it's just a matter of changing a date or of correcting a typographical error. Other times you'll want to reorganize the whole document. Word processors have a real advantage over working with a typewriter or pen when it comes to changing things around!

After working on manual editing, you will learn how Word can help you format and even create new documents with some automatic tools - wizards and templates. You will need to make changes in them, however. All of these can give you ideas to use in creating your own documents.

Changing a document

There are several different kinds of changes you might make to an existing document. They can be grouped together as:

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Modify
  • Move

You can perform these edits on single characters, words, phrases, lines, paragraphs, or whole sections. Word processors are great at all of these, but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

You will start with a plain text document. You will edit, correct, and format it to make it much more attractive and functional.

Document plain and formatted