Project 1: Word Basics
Format Words

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Words: Word 2007,2010,2013,2016 or españolIcon: Change web

You can use the Font dialog to format individual words and phrases or you can use the Formatting toolbar.

Flyer after formatting words

Flyer after this lesson - words formatted

You can also create character styles which will be listed in the Style drop list, but we will wait awhile to learn how to do that. A character style applies to just the selected text while a paragraph style applies to the entire paragraph.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Format Words

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What you will learn:

to select single words and phrases
to change formatting with the Font dialog and toolbar buttons
to use Format Painter
to use AutoFormat
to open an existing document from inside Word

Start with: flyer-World Travel Inc.doc

Select a Single Word

  1. Select the word  Tahiti  by double-clicking it.

Format Words: Font Dialog

  1. Open the Font dialog box using the menu  Format  |  Font .
  2. Change the color to Dark Red and then click on OK. Click somewhere else in the document to remove the highlighting.

    Wasn't that easy?

Format Words: Font Color Button

  1. Position the cursor at the beginning of the phrase  New Zealand .
  2. Select the words by dragging to the right of the last letter.

    It may be easier for you to start at the right end of a phrase and drag left. It is easy to pick up an extra word or line if you aren't very precise in your dragging motion.

  3. Click on the Font Color button arrow to open the palette.
    Color button - open palette in Word 97 Color button- open palette - Word 2000
    Word 97Word 2000 & later versions

  4. Click on the Dark Red square to change the text color.

    The toolbar button now shows Color button - Dark Red the Dark Red color under the A. Clicking the button will color the selected text Dark Red. You don't have to open the color palette if you want to use the color on the button. This method is easier than using the Font dialog if you want to make just this one change.
    [Word 95 does not have a toolbar button for colors.]

Format Words: Format Painter

  1. While New Zealand is still selected, click on Format Painter button the Format Painter button. This copies the formatting of the selected text and changes the pointer shape to Format Painter shape
  2. Drag across the phrase  Sail around the world  to apply the same formatting to it.

    Selected phrase - Format Painter pointer

  3. Class disk Save.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Format Words: AutoFormat

  1. Check settings for AutoFormat:  Format  |  AutoFormat...  |  Options  |  Autoformat  tab. Be sure that Ordinals (1st) with superscript is checked. Previously you looked at the tab Autoformat as you type.
  2. Select the word  10th  in line 8.
  3. AutoFormat dialogFrom the menu select  Format  |  AutoFormat .
  4. Select AutoFormat and review each change.

  5. Second AutoFormat dialogClick on OK. You will see another dialog about AutoFormat.
  6. Click on Review Changes...

    You are given the chance to look at what revisions AutoFormat came up with. You can accept or reject any or all of them.
    10th highlightedIcon: Word 97 Icon: Word 2000 In Word 97/2000, the spots where AutoFormat will make changes will be marked. New text is in blue and dropped marks are in red. You may need to move the AutoFormat dialog to see.

    Since you had a selection highlighted, that will be the only revision this time and the new suggestion is in its opposite color (yellow).

    Dialog: Review AutoFormat ChangesIcon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003 In Word 2002/2003, the changes for review are marked on the document. Use the Find button Button: Find to advance through all of the formatting changes. Click on Cancel when you have seen them all.  (There should only be one!)

  7. Click on the button Accept All to accept the revision.
  8. Class disk Save. [flyer-World Travel Inc.doc]
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  9. Use the Close button button for the document to close the document, but not Word itself.

Flyer after Formatting Words

TipSelecting carefully: Sometimes you want to include in your selection the space or period or paragraph mark at the end of your selection and sometimes you don't! You must look carefully to see what you've caught with your selecting.

TipParagraph marks are formatted: Look at the paragraph marks in your flyer. They are different depending on the font and styling. The formatting of the paragraph mark is applied to the bullets and numbers in automatic lists. You can't select the bullet itself or the numbers. It can be quite infuriating when the formatting is wrong and you forget this.

Open Existing Document

Start with: Blank Word document blank document

  1. From the menu choose  File .
  2. From the list of recently opened documents at the bottom of the menu, choose flyer-World Travel Inc.doc. It will be the first in the list if you are continuing straight from the previous Save.

    If your document has been moved off the list, use  File  |  Open  and find your document in the Open dialog.