Project 1: Word Basics
Header & Footer

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Paper documents often have information at the top or bottom that appears on every page or on alternating pages - page numbers, chapter titles, the author's name, or the book title.

Header at top; Footer at bottom The header is the area at the top of a page that is reserved for such text. The footer is the area at the bottom of a page for such information. In some word processors the headers and footers are visible all the time, just like regular text. In others they are hidden until printing. Word half-hides them. The header and footer are visible, but in pale gray rather than the color with which they will actually print.

You will be using the header and footer areas to include identifying information - whose document this is and what class assignment it is for. This will help you find your print out in the stack in the classroom printer's out-tray. It also helps you sort your papers correctly when it is time to turn them in to your teacher.

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A field is a placeholder for data that might change. The date, the current page number, the total number of pages, and the file name are some of the fields frequently used in headers and footers. Fields are also used in mail merge documents, where they are replaced with information from a database that makes the document personal, like each person's name and address.

The complete list of fields available in Word is shown in the Field dialog, on the menu under  Insert  |  Field... 

Display in document

Date field has gray background A field may show on the screen with a gray background. This background color will not print.

You have 3 choices for this behavior, under  Tools  |  Options  |  View . You can shade the background of a field Always, Never, or When Selected.

Update field values

To have a field use the most recent values you must update the field. Forgetting to do this can be a problem!

Update a single field :  Select it and press the F9 key or right click and from the popup menu choose   Update Field .

Update all fields in a document:  Select the whole document (Use  Edit  |  Select All  ). Then press the F9 key or right click any field and from the popup menu select  Update Field .

Update all fields at printing: You can set your documents to update fields automatically at printing in  Options  |  Print .

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Step-by-Step: Header & Footer

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What you will learn:

to create & view headers and footers
to insert the date with a field
to insert the page number & total number of pages with fields

Start with:Class disk, flyer-World Travel Inc.doc with suitcase image included

Add a Header

  1. From the menu select  View  |  Header and Footer .
    The view changes, allowing typing only in the Header or Footer. A new toolbar appears.

    Header and Footer toolbar

  2. Point to each button to see a popup tip telling you what the button is for.
  3. Type your name in the Header and press the spacebar twice to insert 2 spaces.
  4. Click on the Date button Date button  on the Header and Footer toolbar to insert the date after your name. Notice how the date is a field and has a gray background on your screen.

    The date's format will be the same as the last time the format was set. You can change the format that the button uses, if you like, using the Date/Time dialog box on the menu -  Insert  |  Date/Time .

Flyer header with name and date

Add a Footer

  1. Click on Footer button on the toolbar to switch to the footer.
  2. Type the words Word Project 1 , then two spaces and type the word  Page  and then one space.
  3. Click the button Page number button to insert the page number.
  4. Type a space, the word  of , then another space.
  5. Click the button Total Number of Pages button to insert the total number of pages in the document. Notice that both the page number and the total number of pages are fields, shown by the gray background. So as the document changes, these numbers will change when you update the fields. It's magic!
    [In Word 95 you must use  Insert  |  Field  and select  NumPages .]
  6. Center the line with the Center button on the Formatting toolbar.
  7. Close this view by clicking the Close button on the Header and Footer toolbar.
  8. Class disk Save.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Inserting Page Number in Footer

Flyer with Header and Footer
Flyer with Header and Footer