Project 1: Word Basics
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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Perhaps you didn't find the right image in the Clip Gallery, or perhaps you want to use a picture from another source or one that you scanned or drew yourself. How do you get such images into your document?


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Step-by-Step: Image File

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What you will learn:

to insert an image from a file

The first step will be to remove the image you just inserted (Sorry!), and import one from your resource files.

Start with:Class disk, flyer-World Travel Inc.doc with suitcase image included

  1. Select the suitcase image in your flyer by clicking on it.
  2. Press the DELETE key to remove the image from the document.
  3. Menu Insert | Picture | From fileFrom the menu select  Insert  |  Picture  |  From File . The Insert Picture dialog appears.


  4. Navigate to your  resource files folder (c:\My Documents\complit101\words\ by default), and select the file Luggage.wmf

    Or you can just type in the File name box the path to the file,
    like   c:\My Documents\complit101\words\Luggage.wmf , assuming you put the resource files in the default location.

    Insert Picture dialog

  5. Click on the Insert button.
  6. Center the image under the title. You can check the handle in the top center against the ruler to verify that you've got the image centered.
  7. Resize the image, as you did the clip art image in the previous lesson, to be about as wide as the subtitle "Anniversary Specials".
  8. Check that you still have only 1 page. Reduce the size of the image, if necessary, to get back to just one page.
  9. Class disk Save.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk