Project 1: Word Basics
Open Word

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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In Working with Windows you learned to open programs in several ways: Start menu shortcut, Run dialog, double-clicking the executable file or a document in Explorer or My Computer. You may have two more methods for Word and other Office applications.

Start menu - Office icons The default installation of MS Office adds two shortcuts above Programs on the Start menu

The default installation also includes smaller versions of these icons on the Office Shortcuts bar, which by default displays on the Desktop. This toolbar can be docked on any side of the Desktop.

Office Toolbar

There is also a shortcut to Word in the Programs menu, below the folders. The icon varies depending on which version of Word  you are using:

Word 95/97 icon Word 95 or 97
Word 2000 icon Word 2000 or 2002
Icon: Word 2003  Word 2003

Microsoft Office applications can also be installed separately, rather than as part of a suite of applications. The Office toolbar and other features may not be available, in that case. It's another way you can get confused. (Have you been keeping count? I've lost track!)

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Step-by-Step: Open Word

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What you will learn:

two new ways to open Word

Start with: Desktop

If MS Office  XP or previous version is installed:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on New Document icon or Word 2000 icon for new document (the New Office Document icon).

    Menu: Start | Programs | New Office Document (Win98) Menu: Start | All Programs | New Office Document (WinXP)

    A dialog box will appear with tabs for different types of documents, depending on which Office applications are installed. The icons look a bit different in Word 2000/2002.

    Dialog - New

  2. Blank Word documentSelect the General tab, if necessary, and then click on the Blank Document icon.
  3. Click on the OK button. Word opens with a fresh blank document ready for your typing. Not too hard!

    [If you have Office 2000 or later installed, don't panic if you see a dialog box that says it is "Preparing to install Office...". What is happening is that Office is checking to see if any parts need to be reinstalled. Sometimes certain files get replaced by other software, which can cause problems. It takes a little longer to open the program, but it is safer with these checks.]

If MS Office is not installed:

  1. Open Word from the Start menu:  Start  |  Programs  |  Microsoft Word .
    Or Start | All Programs |  Microsoft Word

Start menu | Programs | Word

Word will open with a blank document ready for your typing.

The menu shown here is from a Windows 95 system which had Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer 3 installed, but not the whole Microsoft Office.