Project 1: Word Basics
Page Setup

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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There are entirely too many ways to mess up your lovely document when you try to print it. You can waste a lot of ink and paper if you don't check your settings carefully. First we will look at the settings in the Page Setup dialog.

The Page Setup dialog tells you about the layout of your pages - orientation, margin sizes, paper size and such.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Page Setup Dialog

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What you will learn:

to use the Page Setup Dialog

Start with:Class disk, flyer-World Travel Inc.doc

Page Setup dialog - Margins and Paper Size tabs

Word 97/2000

Page Setup dialog in Word 2002- Margins and Paper Size tabs

Word 2002/2003

  1. From the menu select  File  |  Page Setup .
  2. Make changes, if necessary.  Your settings should match those in the illustration, which shows the default settings,  in order for your documents to look like my illustrations. You probably have noticed already if these settings were different since your document would not look like the illustrations as you created the flyer.

    The parts of the Page Setup dialog that you will use the most are the settings for margins on the  Margins   tab and for page orientation, which is found on the  Paper Size  tab. You set these at the beginning of these lessons. They should still match the dialog illustration unless you had to stop in the middle of your work. Who knows what happened to your computer while you were gone?? In general, it is a good idea to check these settings each time your print. You may not spot a margins error when looking at Print Preview. Orientation errors would be more obvious, of course.