Project 1: Word Basics
Word Settings

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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To be sure that your copy of Word will look and react as the Step-by-Step directions describe, you may need to change some settings. There are many things about Word that you can change or customize. You will probably be comfortable with the default settings for most of Word's behaviors.

When Word is not looking or behaving as you wish, there are several places that you can go to make changes.

  • Toolbars and menu: contain commands that change the way the document displays in the window.

  • Page Setup dialog:  sets the size, orientation, and margins for your paper.

  • Right-click menu on a toolbar:  lists toolbars that you can hide or display.

  • Options dialog: contains many settings for how Word behaves and reacts, including spell checking and automatically saving. If something is happening automatically that you don't like, this dialog probably contains the setting you need to change.

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Step-by-Step: Word Settings

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What you will learn:

to change the way a document displays
to change the page characteristics
to change the window display
to change the way Word behaves

Start with: Word with blank document (Word is open with a blank document.)

Document Display

  1. Click on Show marks the Show/Hide Marks button to show the marks, if it's not already depressed.
  2. At the bottom left of the document window, click on Views buttons the Page Layout View button.
  3. Set Zoom button the Zoom Control to 100%.

Page Setup

  1. From the menu select  File  |  Page Setup  |  Margins .

    Page Setup Dialog - margins

  2. Margins  = 1" top and bottom and 1.25" left and right.
    Quick fix: Click on the Default... button to reset all at once.
    You cannot change the unit of measurement in this dialog. The choice of inches, centimeters, etc. is on the Options | General tab, which you will see shortly.
  3. Click on the Paper Size tab.

    Page Setup dialog- PaperSize

  4. Set Paper Size = Letter with Width = 8.5" and Height = 11".
  5. Set Orientation = Portrait
  6. Apply to: Whole document
  7. Click on OK to close the dialog.

Window Display

  1. Maximize your document window, if necessary, using Maximize button the maximize button on the document's title bar.
  2. Menu - Word's toolbarsRight click on a toolbar. A list of available bars appears.

    Be sure the boxes for the Standard and Formatting toolbars are checked and uncheck any other toolbars. (You will have to reopen the list by right clicking a toolbar for each change you make.)

    [In Word 95 you choose  View  |  Toolbars  to see a dialog to make these changes.]

Word's Behavior

  1. From the menu select  Tools  |  Options .

    The Options dialog opens. Most of the settings are probably still at the original defaults. The steps below make sure that certain key choices are checked.

    Dialog Options - Edit

  2. On the Edit tab - match the illustration above, except for the Picture editor which we will not be using. Click on Context sensitive Help the dialog's Help button and then on a choice to see an explanation of the choice.
  3. On the Save tab - Save AutoRecover info is checked. Set the number of minutes to 10 or less.

    Dialog - Options - Save tab

    Tip When Word is doing an automatic save, you won't be able to work. So don't set the number of minutes too small. It gets annoying!!

  4. Select the Spelling & Grammar tab.
    Check the following:
      Check spelling as you type

      Always suggest corrections
      Check grammar as you type

    Dialog Options - Spelling and Grammar