Project 3: Brochure
Brochure Flap

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Words: Word 2007,2010,2013,2016 or españolIcon: Change web

It is very common for you to need to use text or graphics from one document in a different document. In fact, many people compose the simple text separately before they get involved in complex layouts like brochures and newsletters. You will learn how to navigate between multiple open documents and how to move text from one document to another.

Existing document used in new document

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Before you start...

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Project 3: Brochure
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Step-by-Step: Brochure Flap - Add Text

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What you will learn:

to switch between two open documents with -
               the mouse on menu
               key combo on menu
               key combo to rotate through docs
to view multiple documents at once
to copy and paste between documents

Start with: Class disk Icon- Word with blank document, brochure-tahiti3.doc from previous lesson, tahiti.doc from resource files

For the inside flap of your Tahiti brochure, you will use text from an existing document. In ye olden days you had to open and copy and close and open and paste to copy text between two documents. Awkward! You won't have to do that. Hurrah!

Navigate Between Documents

When you have more than one document open, you need to know how to switch between them. 
  1. Open your latest version of the brochure,  brochure-tahiti3.doc  on your Class disk.
  2. From the resource files, in the  tahiti  folder open  tahiti.doc . The full path is
     c:\My Documents\complit101\words\tahiti\tahiti.doc
    This document contains the text for the brochure. You have already entered some of it.
  3. Menu- Window - two documents showingSwitch - Mouse method:
    Select  Window  from the menu and observe that two documents are showing in the numbered list at the bottom of the menu. Click on brochure-tahiti3.doc in the menu to switch to it. That document is now showing in Word.

    Taskbar - 2 Word documents openIcon- Word 2000 Icon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003 In Word 2000/2002/2003 the different documents are in separate windows, by default. Each window shows on the Taskbar. This feature can be turned off.

    Task bar: grouped docuementsIcon: WinXP In Windows XP the Taskbar can group all the open documents for a program onto one button. Clicking the button opens a list of the open documents. This feature is managed on the Taskbar Properties dialog. [Right click a blank spot on the Taskbar and select Properties]

  4. Switch - Keyboard method 1:
    Use ALT + W to open the Window menu again. Then press the 2 key to switch to tahiti.doc , using the underlined character in the menu for that item.
  5. Switch - Keyboard method 2:
    Use CTRL + F6 to switch to the next document in the list, which is brochure-tahiti3.doc.  In fact, you can hold the CTRL key down and repeatedly press F6 to quickly rotate through all the open Word documents. This combo is great for toggling back and forth between documents, or when you don't remember the numbers! The drawback to this method is that it takes two hands on the keyboard for most people.
  6. Switch - Keyboard method 3:
    Hold the ALT key down and press the TAB key to toggle back and forth between your current window and the previous window. This applies to all open windows, not just Word documents. Press TAB repeatedly to rotate through a list of icons for all the open windows

    Toolbar: ATL + TAB brings up a toolbar with icons for each open programIn versions of Windows before WinXP, ALT + TAB opens a toolbar of icons, one for each open window. The name of the selected program shows below the icons, along with the name of the current document.
    Dialog: ALT + TAB brings up icons for each open program or documentIcon: WinXPPowerToy ALT+TAB Replacement for WinXP:
    This extra program from Microsoft changes ALT + TAB so that it brings up a dialog that shows a thumbnail image of the window that is currently selected. This helps you choose which Word document you want since the icons are all the same.

View Multiple Documents

It is hard to see much when you have two or more documents showing at once unless your screen is really, REALLY big. For some jobs, however, you do need to see both at once.

  1. Open the  Window  menu and select  Arrange All . All open documents are tiled horizontally, unless they are minimized.

    Word 97 - two documents at onceIcon: Word 97 In Word 97 both documents are tiled horizontally inside the Word workspace.

    Word 2000 - two documents at onceIcon- Word 2000 Icon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003 In Word 2000/2002/2003 the two full Word windows are tiled horizontally across the full screen.

    Menu - right click - Copy, Move, Link, ShortcutTipMoving/Copying text: If your screen is large enough, you can use this tiles arrangement to copy and paste between documents. You can even drag from one document to the other. A simple drag will move the text rather than copy. A right drag will popup a menu where you can choose between copy, move, and create a shortcut.

    TipMore viewing space: If you need to see more of the documents, try turning off some or all of the toolbars.

    WarningUnhappily, Undo will not return your previous viewing size. You will have to resize each document, either by maximizing it or by dragging the window edges.

Copy & Paste Between Documents

  1. Maximize the window for  tahiti.doc .
  2. Select lines 34 to 43, starting with  General Info  and continuing through  Beautiful weather for beautiful people! 
  3. Copy the selected text.
  4. Switch to  brochure-tahiti3.doc  and maximize it.
  5. Place cursor in Text Box 1 and paste.
  6. Scroll the window containing brochure-tahiti3.doc back to the top, if necessary, to see the newly pasted text.
  7. Class disk Save as  brochure-tahiti4.doc  in the  word project3  folder of your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  8. Close  tahiti.doc .

    Text Box 1 with pasted text