Project 4: Report
Add Table

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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You can now add to the report a table about the sales of the special trips. This kind of information is much easier to understand in a table. All the numbers just blur together when you read them in a paragraph.

You will use a simple formula in your table. When your calculations get much beyond simple addition, you should consider including a spreadsheet in your report, possibly on a separate page, instead. Spreadsheets programs, after all, are written to make complicated calculations easy.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Add Table

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What you will learn:

to insert a table in an existing document
to use Table AutoFormat
to change formatting
to use AutoSum
to view formula

Start with: Class disk Icon- Word with blank document, report-WorldTravel4.doc

Draw Table

  1. Text for report tableGo to page 3 of the report. Place cursor on blank line after  The table below summarizes... 
  2. Draw a table here that is about 3.5" wide and 2" high.
  3. Draw lines to create 6 rows and 4 columns.
  4. Enter text as shown in the illustration at right. 
  5. Resize, if necessary, to make the column headings fit on one line. Table width should be about 3.5" and the total height should be about 2". Look at your rulers.


  1. Text - Report table after AutoFormat with Simple 1 styleWith the cursor in the table, click on Button - Table AutoFormat the Table AutoFormat button.
  2. Apply format Simple 1 with all boxes checked. What changed?


  1. Text - Report table after manual formattingSelect row 1 and format with:
    Font = Arial
    Size = 14 pts.
    Shading = Green
    Color = White
  2. Select the last row and make it Bold.
  3. Click in the second cell on the top row (# of people) and click the Button - Align Left button Align Left. Justifying such a short phrase did not look right.
TipIf you format and then apply an AutoFormat scheme, you will replace your manual formatting with that of the AutoFormat scheme.


  1. In the bottom row, click in the cell to the right of Total and click on Button - Autosum the AutoSum button. This inserts a field which totals the lines above.
  2. Repeat for the last cell on the last row.
    text - Report table with sums
  3. Right click on each field and choose  Toggle field codes  to see the formula being used.
    Text - Report table formulas displayed

    Notice that the row height increases to show the formula.

  4. Right click again on each field and Toggle field codes to make both fields show the sum again instead of the formula. The row returns to the previous height.


Numbers usually look better and are easier to read when either aligned to the right or justified on a decimal tab.  The table will look better if centered on the page.

  1. Text - Report table after alignmentDrag from the second cell in the second row, which has the number 50 in it, down to the bottom right cell. This selects all the cells with numbers.
  2. Click on Button - Align Right the Align Right button on the Formatting bar.
  3. Select the entire table.
    Icon - Word 97 Table | Select Table
    Icon - Word 2000 Icon: Word 2002Table | Select | Table or click on the Handle for moving or selecting the whole table Move Table handle.
  4. Click on Button - Center the Center button. The whole table is centered horizontally on the page.

    If, instead, the cell contents are centered, then you did not have the whole table selected. Undo and try again.
  5. Class disk Save as  report-worldtravel5.doc  on your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk

Your table is now complete! Inserting the table made text wrap over to a new page.

Report - 5 pages after adding table