Project 4: Report

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Words: Word 2007,2010,2013,2016 or españolIcon: Change web

The report now contains three different sections, the title page, the TOC,  and the body of the report. The report template you used to create the report included two sections and you created one when you created the TOC.

Dividing a document into sections allows you to have a different layout for each section.  For example, you would need two sections to have part of a document in two columns and part in a single column.

Here is a list of the features that can be different for different sections:

  • margins
  • paper size or orientation
  • paper source for a printer
  • page borders
  • vertical alignment
  • headers and footers
  • columns
  • page numbering
  • line numbering
  • footnotes and endnotes.

In this document you have already changed the margins for one section, the report body.

Where you are:
JegsWorks > Lessons > Word97-2003

Before you start...

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Project 4: Report     
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Step-by-Step: Section Headers

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What you will learn:

to create a header for each section

Start with: Class disk Icon- Word with blank document, report-WorldTravel7.doc

Each section of a document can have a different layout, including the header. Getting your classroom header on all pages is just a bit complicated.

Header for Each Section

  1. Put your cursor on the Cover page and open the Header. Type your name, 2 space, the date, TAB,  Insert  |  Field… |  FileSize , TAB,  Word Project 4 .
  2. Look at Print Preview. The header does not show on the other pages! The Cover Page is in its own section. You must create headers for each section separately.

    In Word 97 the header is blocked by the frame for World Travel Inc. You will fix this shortly.
  3. Return to Page Layout View.
  4. Icon - Word 97 Resize the frame to be shorter and move it down on the page just enough for your header to show.   
  5. CreateReport preview with headers on all pages the same header at the top of the TOC page. What pages have a header now?  
  6. Create the same header on the Works Cited page. Which pages share this header? 


  1. Check Print Preview to be sure the header will print and that the rest of the report is still correct.
  2. Spell Check. Word will bring to your attention many of your references since they are not full sentences. Look carefully to be sure all is correct before you choose Ignore.
  3. Class disk Save the report as  report-worldtravelinc8.doc   on your Class disk.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk
  4. Print icon Print