Project 4: Report
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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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You can draw your table instead of using the Insert Table button when you need a complicated table or just a small one. You won't have to do as much resizing and merging of rows and columns.

The tools on the Tables and Borders bar take just a little bit of practice. Once you know what they can do, you'll be looking for excuses to create tables!

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Step-by-Step: Draw a Table

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What you will learn:

to draw the outside of a table
to draw lines in a table
to TAB between table cells
to move text between cells
to add a row inside a table
to add a column inside a table

Start with: Class disk Icon- Word with blank document , blank document

Draw a Table

  1. If necessary, open a new blank document.
  2. If necessary, open the Tables and Borders bar by clicking Button: Table borders the Tables and Borders button on the Formatting toolbar.
  3. Show both rulers in the Word window.
  4. Click on Button- Draw Table the Draw Table button. Your pointer changes to Pointer - Pencil shape the pencil shape.
  5. Table - drawing outside of table- line on rulers for edge locationDrag the pencil to draw a rectangle about 3" wide and 2" high. Look at the rulers as you draw. You will set the dimensions exactly later.

    A dotted line on the ruler shows where the table edge will fall.
    Icon - Word 97 For Word 97 there is no line on the ruler. You will just have to watch carefully.
  6. Steps in drawing a tableDrag with the pencil to draw vertical lines in the rectangle at 1" and 2" on the ruler.
  7. Use the pencil to draw a horizontal line in the rectangle at 1" on the vertical ruler.
  8. Click on Button - Draw Table the Draw Table button again to turn it off

  9. Table with numbered cells and changed rulersClick in the top left cell and type a  1 .
  10. Press TAB to move to the next cell to the right. Type a  2 .
  11. Continue numbering each cell and using TAB to change cells. Did you notice that the rulers changed to measure each column and row?

    Icon: TroubleNew row appears: You used TAB one time too many. Just use Undo to get rid of it.

Erase & Redraw

Erasing and drawing lines is actually rather fun. After you have text in your cells, however, things don't go back the way they were.

  1. Click on Button - Eraser the Eraser toggle button. The pointer changes to Ponter - eraser shape the eraser shape.
  2. Table with one line erasedErasing line - line highlightedClick on the dividing line between cell 2 and cell 3. When it is highlighted, release the mouse button and the line is erased. The contents of the two cells now show as two paragraphs in a single cell
    You have to drag to erase lines across more than one cell.

    Icon - Word 97With Word 97 you must drag down the line to highlight it in all cases. 
  3. Table with erased line redrawnClick on Button - Draw Table the Draw Table button again, and draw a line to split the merged cell into two cells again. Word easily connects your line to the existing line, but the cell contents remain in cell 2.

Select and Move Text in Cell

You need to move the text back into cell C1. The text is so short that it would be easy to just retype, but you need some practice. Selecting just what you want and getting it to a new location can be a bit tricky in a table.

  1. Selected cell B1 with merged textToggle Button - Draw Table Draw Table off by clicking it again.
  2. Move the pointer to the left of the line with the number  3  in it. Click and the whole cell is selected. The highlighted part includes the padding at the left and all the blank space to the right of the actual text.

    This is not what you want! You just need the one line.
  3. Undo.
  4. Selected just line with #3 in cell B1Put the cursor to the left of the  3  , hold the SHIFT key down,  and press the Right Arrow key once. Now the number  3  is selected. You could drag to select. It is very easy, however, to select the whole cell while dragging.
  5. Table- back to 6 numbered cellsDrag the  3  over to the cell C1 on the right. You are back to where you started except for Icon - Word 97 a paragraph mark or Icon - Word 2000  Icon: Word 2002Icon: Word 2003  two.

    Extra paragraph marks can change the height of your rows.
  6. Delete all paragraph marks so that all you have is the numbers and the end-of-cell symbols.

Insert Row

  1. Table - 3 x 3- numbered cellsPut the cursor in the cell in the bottom right corner.
  2. From the menu select  Table  |  Insert  |  Rows above 
    Icon - Word 97 Click on Button - Insert Rows the Insert Rows button on the Standard toolbar. The new row appears above the current one.
  3. Label the cells in the new row with the letters A, B, C.

Size: Cell Height and Width

  1. Table - 3 x 3- selectedDrag from the cell A1 across to cell C3, selecting all the cells.
  2. From the menu select Table | Properties.
    On the Column tab set the width to 1".
    On the Row tab set the height to exactly 1".
    You must type in the unit of measure if it doesn't match what is showing.

    Icon - Word 97 From the menu select  Table  |  Cell Height and Width…  
    the Column width = 1" and the Row Height to exactly 1".

    If you drew your table accurately to start with, you won't see much change.

Insert Column

  1. Table - 3 x 3 - Column B selected Put the cursor into cell B1.
  2. From the menu select  Table  |  Insert Columns  |  Columns to Left  

    Icon - Word 97 Select column B by moving the pointer above the column until the pointer changes to Pointer - select column, then click. Click on Button - Insert Column the Insert Columns button. A new column appears to the left of what was column B.

  3. Table 3 x 4Click in the top cell of the new column and type a D.
  4. Press the down arrow key to move to the next blank cell. Type in E.
  5. Repeat with F for the last blank cell.
  6. Class disk Save as  table2.doc  on your Class disk in the folder word project4.
    Full disk How to handle a full disk