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Transparent gif to keep text off border When your local machine connects with the server, a status window opens, as seen below.
(If you don't get connected, try changing the port using the Edit button on the mIRC tab. Or try connecting to another server. You may have to try several to find an open spot)
Here you see lots of gobbledy-gook about how things are going.
Various messages will appear here (usually of no interest to you).
For instance the window shown below indicates that Jonathan's connection was cut because his nickname was already in use.
talley-2 lost his connection in some unknown way.
 mIRC status window

Position your mouse over various parts of the window. A screen tip pops up to show what that part is.

The text tells you something about the part your mouse is over.
Text there is telling you something about the part your mouse is over.
Most of the buttons and matching menu commands will not mean anything to you yet.
That's OK! You don't need to know all this stuff to have a good chat!     

  • where you type in your message.
The tool bar looks complicated.
There are lots of bells and whistles here that we won't discuss. The application's help file can tell you more.
Once the connection to the server is made, you must choose a chat channel.
mouse gif To see a list of channels, on the image above, click on this toolbar icon :   Click on toolbar icon like folder with +=.

IRC Start


Connect to server selected in setup Disconnect from server Setup options General options Channels folder List all the channels Alias definitions Popup menus Remote control Finger an address Online timer Direct Client to Client: DCC send a file to someone Direct Client to Client: DCC chat with someone Direct Client to Client: DCC options Notify list URL list Tile windows Cascade windows Arrange icons Help about mIRC Status window Command line = where you type stuff in Each open IRC window shows here, even if minimized.