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Setup Options

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What you see next is the mIRC Add Server dialog box.

Add IRC server

You'll need to fill in some information that you got somewhere else: 
  • Description, usually with the group first, then the geographic area like: Undernet: US, TX, Dallas
    If you have regular meetings you can personalize like: Prometheus group meeting
    The same server could be listed several times for each of your different regular chats.
  • Address, like
    This one you'll need to know already.
  • Possibly the port, but most are at the default 6667
    This particular server uses three ports: 6667,6668,6669
  • Group, like: undernet
    You'll need to know this one.
  • You won't likely need to use the password.

We'll pretend you typed this all in.
mouse gifNow click on the Add button to add this server to the list.

IRC Start


Add button = actually add server to list <