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Links: Web Resources

For Web Authors

The links below are almost entirely tools and services that I have used myself. There are many other good ones.

Useful Stuff: Tools, Newsletters


Windows Secrets: newsletter on Windows tips and news. Merged with Fred Langa's newsletter, which used to be here in my list.

      Bandwidth Meter     

CNET Bandwidth Meter - Speed test

PCmatic Bandwidth Speed Test

Best Buy, using Ookla - speed test

      Computer/Web Dictionary  



      Domain Names & Hosting  

Network Solutions

Tutors & Courses

professor at chalkboard

Joe Barta's: Web Page Tutor
Forms Tutor
Frames Tutor
Tables Tutor
and more!
  Jan Smith's: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
    Driver's Ed for the computer
Prometheus Group Project:
  Old tutorial on Email, Mailing Lists, IRC but the basics are still true.


Virtual University - offers a variety of online courses. Fees now charged, but they are low.

Textbook Revolution, the web’s source for free educational materials., Links to free business software books and online tutorials



Free CLEP Prep - study guides and practice tests for CLEP and DSST tests for a wide range of subjects, including computing
HTML References

stack of books

W3C HTML validation service

Learn to Code HTML and CSS

HTML Code Group - tutorials, web page validator that accepts hard disk files

Microsoft Developer Network Library Free tutorials and reference for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more
      Cascading Stylesheets      
Jan's Cascading Stylesheets Demo
     See it in your browser. See images if it does not work in your browser!

Microsoft's Developer Network- CSS

W3C - Cascading Styles Level 1 CSS tutorial
Building Blocks for CGI in Perl

Matt's Script Archive - free CGI & Perl scripts

Kira's Web Toolbox: CGI Programming 101
      Web Scripting     
Jan's Web Scripting Demo - Methods that allow the page to respond to what the user does.

Jan's DHTML Demo - OLD browsers only
DHMTL is just using scripts to create interactive pages or to update page content automatically.
      Fonts on the Web      
Jan's images of common Fonts

Microsoft Fonts and Products- What fonts are supplied with each Microsoft program? What Microsoft program did that font come with? (Select a font and then click on View font information)
How'd They Do That? explanations of effects used in the Prometheus Project

The JavaScript Source

Additional links recommended by students:
         Links to HTML resources

Graphics Resources

paint palette

Corel PaintShopPro Tutorials- Tips and tutorials

Animation Shop -(links to download file forfreeware v. 3.11) - software for creating GIF animations previously bundled with PaintShopPro or sold separately. I've used it through Windows 7 It's old but still works!

SoftIcons - free for personal use and some free for commercial use

Atomix - free web graphics from Luisa Arevalo Klose

Web Design Studio -(Windy's Design Studio) Free borders, backgrounds, templates, etc.

OpenClipArt - high quality public domain vector graphics on the Internet. Free vector images.

Can Stock Photo - Stock photos etc. with a reasonable license agreement and cost from $2.

Home > Resources & Examples > Links: Web Resources