Project 2: Access Basics

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

The user interface for Microsoft Access looks much the same as in other programs, with the usual bars: Title bar, Menu bar, a toolbar of buttons, Status bar. There is one obvious difference from other Office programs. In the work area, the Database window is open as long as the database is open. The Database window shows the objects that are in this database. Closing the Database window closes the database while leaving Access open.

The work area below the toolbars also holds windows for any open objects, like tables or forms.

What bars show and what is available on them changes to match what can be used by the active window.

MS Access Interface- labeled

Microsoft Access 2002: A form is the active window
and the Task Pane is showing

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At Start-Up of Database

What you see when you open a database in MS Access depends on how the database is set to start up.

Case 1: Normal program window containing the database window, which lists the Objects in this database. The object that is selected is the one that was selected when the database last closed.

Initial window for MS Access - labeled

Variation: Database automatically opens a particular table, query, form, or report at startup.

Case 2: Minimal program window with a Main Switchboard form, containing buttons for standard forms and reports. The program window has a reduced set of toolbars and menu commands.

In this case the user can add new records or edit data but can do little to change the objects in the database.

MS Access window when opened direct to Main Switchboard and reduced menu

Variation: A database application can open full screen, showing no bars or menus at all, just buttons.